PHL Airport Touts Some of the Fastest Security Lines

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On average, passing through the checkpoints at Philadelphia International Airport takes slightly over 9 minutes, based on recent data.

Somewhat surprisingly, Philadelphia’s airport is amongst the top contenders for efficiency in the U.S. A recent study revealed that out of the 31 busiest airports, Philadelphia International Airport stands out, with travelers getting through security quicker than at all but three of the leading U.S. airports.

Data from travel guide PlanetWare indicates that travelers departing from Philadelphia spend an average of roughly 9 minutes and 12 seconds at security checkpoints. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport claims the top spot with the shortest wait time of 5 minutes and 6 seconds. Detroit and Phoenix airports are the other two locations where travelers experience slightly quicker security procedures than in Philadelphia.

Keith Brune, the Chief Operating Officer at PHL, praised the local TSA team in a conversation with the Philadelphia Business Journal, stating, “The TSA team at PHL excels in swiftly moving our passengers through the security checkpoints.” He attributed the efficiency to the use of canine teams during peak times, ensuring the smooth flow of passengers.

In recent advancements, PHL has been introducing a new queue management system across its terminals. The airport recently celebrated the integration of this system in Terminals A West and A East, following its earlier deployment in Terminals D and E. This system, now active in half of the airport’s terminals, is slated for full implementation by the upcoming spring.