British Airways & American Airlines Reveal Bridge Bar at JFK

Photo: British Airways

British Airways and American Airlines have recently revealed a new Bridge Bar at the Greenwich Lounge in New York’s JFK airport, as part of their joint lounge offerings.

The airlines have long been close partners as founding members of the OneWorld alliance, and JFK is a key destination for both. The Greenwich Lounge, one of three shared lounges in Terminal 8, has been designed as a premium space to relax and enjoy drinks before a flight, and the Bridge Bar is the centerpiece of this experience.

A Trip Back in Time

The open space aims to evoke the glamour of air travel in the 1960s, with a range of gin cocktails and craft beers from Brooklyn Brewery available. Beverage options have been carefully selected and include Aviation American Gin, founded by actor Ryan Reynolds, and Betty Buzz sparkling non-alcoholic mixers, created by actress Blake Lively.

According to BA’s CCO Calum Laming, the Bridge Bar is “the perfect space for customers to relax pre-flight,” and American Airlines’ VP of Customer Experience, Kim Cisek, notes that the joint premium lounges offer travelers “a customized travel experience that starts on the ground.”